Essential Hip Hop

Tracks from essential Hip Hop albums.

If you like Hip Hop then this is a list of tracks from albums you might not have heard or given a chance to listen to. All of these records have exceptional beats/bars and need to be in your collection.

A Classic. Moment of Truth. Guru and Dj Premier.

Fantastic Vol.1. Jay Dee at his smoothest.

A must have album. Great Lyrics + Production.

Influential album. Madlib and MF Doom. Something a little different to the classic boom and bap.

Bit of an underrated classic.

Essential East-Coast inner-city rap.

GZA bringing the intellectual ruckus. RZA not slowed down since 36 Chambers.

Don’t fuck with Ghost, you’ll feel sorry

A darker side to the south.

This and ‘The Listening’. 9th with the wonderful beats.

Conscious NY rap. Preemo at his peak.

Something to chill to from 95 till…

One of the best groups to do it.


Raw stuff. Stoupe with the spine tingling compositions.

A flow that is wonderful on the ears.

Another New York master of flow.

A must-have.

Relax yourself and let the sugar love flow.

Will make you want to fight the power.


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